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We serve needy East African communities, disadvantaged youth and vulnerable widows for the glory of God.

It has been said, “Education is one of the most powerful tools for reducing poverty and inequality.” And “Education lays the foundation for sustained economic growth.” Financial poverty is not our only concern, so our efforts are also directed toward poverty of the human spirit. Poverty steals from people their human dignity, self-worth, and hope. Therefore, we address poverty through education. We invite you to enjoy with us the experience of serving others. You will be blessed! Love wins!

We invite you to come along side of us and experience the joy of serving others. You will be blessed!

East African Impact is a nondenominational organization of people who share their talents and resources to bring physical, mental and spiritual blessings to the rural East African community with a current focus on Tanzania.

East African Impact has partnered with the Emusoi Centre located in Arusha, Tanzania.  Emusoi Centre is an oasis for young women from traditional communities (Maasai, Barabaig and Ndorobo) by providing safety, one year of tutoring in various academic subjects and life skills. After successful completion, these students are now eligible to retake the Tanzanian National Exam for entry into secondary school.

98% of the students from Emusoi Centre pass this exam and are able to continue their academic studies.

The goal is to empower these young students so they may in turn become agents of change in their own families, communities and nation.

Financial support is needed for these young women from the tutoring process, and for those who successfully continue to pass the National Exams, to completion of secondary school (8-13th grade), Vocational Training, College and University.

Maasai women have the highest rates of child marriage, female genital mutilation, illiteracy and poverty among women in the country.

You can make a difference! Give these young women an opportunity for a quality education. You can play a huge part in helping them escape the Cycle of Poverty. You can help them become empowered through education in order to support their families, impact their communities and the future generations of Tanzania. Help them realize their dreams.

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    Impact lives, change the world.

    There are 8,247,000 Tanzanian children in primary school but due to poverty and other reasons, only.....


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