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We serve needy East African communities, disadvantaged youth and vulnerable widows for the glory of God.

It has been said, “Education is one of the most powerful tools for reducing poverty and inequality.” And, “Education lays the foundation for sustained economic growth.” Financial poverty is not EAI’s only concern but our efforts are also directed toward poverty of the human spirit. Poverty steals from people their human dignity, self-worth, and hope. Therefore we address poverty through education.

We invite you to come along side of us and experience the joy of serving others. You will be blessed!

East African Impact is a nondenominational organization of people who share their talents and resources to bring physical, mental and spiritual blessings to the East African community with a current focus on Tanzania. We currently serve the two communities of Mairowa and Kondoa, Tanzania by sponsoring children to attend secondary school. EAI is sending the students to sixteen schools in the northeast quarter of the country.

MAIROWA is a Maasai community located in North Central Tanzania, near the Kenyan border with a population of approximately 18,000 people.Electricity was recently provided the community but few people are able to access due to cost. There is no running water and the community frequently suffers from drought.

KONDOA, with an estimate population of 23,500, is a town located in central Tanzania. The town’s inhabitants are primarily Rangi people though there are also GoGo and Sandawe people. 70% of the town’s population is Muslim, with 7-10% Christian and the rest Africa-Traditional.

The residents of Kondoa make do on basic agriculture and small community businesses.  Most families live in one room homes made of block with corrugated metal roofs. What little furniture they have is simple and hand-made. Sanitation is primitive and cleanliness, with regard to the food storage/preparation, is a considerable challenge.

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